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Hourly As Directed Limos

Taxis Have Nothing On Us!

You might think that a taxi will give you all of the efficiency and comfort you need to get around but have you ever considered the benefits of a town car or sedan? If you are in the area on a shopping trip then you might only have a small amount of time to get to and from all of the places that you are hoping to get to. Not only can our drivers offer suggestions for where you might like to go to but they can also get you there in the shortest possible amount of time and using the shortest routes. If this sounds good, then why not think about asking for a quote for our taxi service. We will be more than happy to talk to you about what you can expect from our services and we can talk you through our fantastic range of cars too.

Value for Money Can't Be Beat

Town car limousines are affordable and very comfortable and come with plenty of leg room and air conditioning to give you added comfort on those warmer days. With leather seats you will feel that extra added luxury that you might not find using a taxi car. We offer great value for money and a professional service that you will not find anywhere else. If you consider the hassle you might have driving yourself around town during busy periods most people would cringe at the thought. Many people might opt to travel around on a different day but if you are here for a short amount of time or if you have no option but to travel on that day then why not do it as painlessly as possible with limo hire. Our chauffeurs will help you with anything that you need.

The reason we offer an hourly as directed service is so that you can use us for whatever amount of time you need us. We will offer you a flat rate for the time and day you require us and we will stay with you until you no longer require our services. We will transport you to and from any location and will be happy to stop at multiple destination points as and when required.

Town Car Hourly Directed Services

We realise that commuting to and from work in an area you are unfamiliar with so we provide an executive limo service on an hourly rate so that you can hire us if you are here on business and need transport throughout the day. Equally, if you live locally and are planning on spending the day visiting a great many places and need extra reliability but do not wish to take your own car then we provide a great alternative in the form of an town car service. We appreciate that not all of our clients can give an exact estimate of the amount of time that they need us for so we can give you an hourly rate that you can expect to pay and you can hire us for any period of time you wish. Although our rates our kept low throughout the year we still offer luxury that is entirely set apart from other cheap limo rentals because we endeavour to provide the highest degree of quality for the lowest rates. We aim to be competitive so we equip all of our cars with light refreshments to ensure you have everything you need throughout the day.

What You Can Expect From Our Cars

We use a number of cars and we can offer you any car from our range depending on the notice period and availability. All of our cars come with a professionally dressed driver that has years of experience chauffeuring people about town. You can expect a fair and reasonable rate and a very enjoyable ride. There are, though, some tricks you should be mindful of when hiring a town car service and we thought we would put a few of these together so that you can ensure you manage to avoid them.

Things you should look out for:
  • Avoid increasing rates throughout the day by agreeing a flat rate with your rental company first
  • Make sure you find out if you are being charged for add-ons, like using the refreshments provided
  • Ask if you are being charged for parking
  • Are you going to be asked to pay for the tolls on any of the toll roads?

Many unscrupulous firms might offer you a low rate and then add on lots of charges so you are left with a bill much higher than you had expected. With our town car limo rentals, though, you will be getting the deal you agree in advance with no hidden extras!
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