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Cruise Port Limousine Service

Many of our clients live what you might call a jet-set lifestyle travelling to and from many an exotic location. Many of our clients, though, are voyaging out for their first time and want that extra little bit of luxury to add some class to their vacation. Our local port transports people all over the world on fantastic cruise liners across the oceans and the glamour of boarding such grand vessels should be met with a transfer service to and from the port in a high class limousine.

Booking Your Transportation

There are lots of things to think about when you get ready to go on holiday and it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. You need to pack your luggage and you need to remember things like your tickets and your passport. It can be quite a stressful time organising things and if you are taking your little ones the stress can only become even more amplified. Perhaps the last thing you will think of arranging, though, is your transport. You should aim to book your transport in advance because it can be quite difficult to find a cheap limousine service that will pick you up or collect you at short notice. Luckily, though, our limo rental service can do just that. We are able to deal with short notice requests and can arrange to pick you up or drop you off at the port whenever you need us. Think of us as a luxurious taxi service with lots of extras like a professionally dressed chauffeur and on board refreshments, for instance. You might be travelling to somewhere you are unfamiliar with so we suggest that you book your transport in advance and check out which companies can offer you the service you require. We recommend this to all of our clients and we are always on hand to make suggestions about onward transportation or to offer advice where needed. If you have any questions of this sort then please feel free to ask your driver who will be there to answer all of your questions.

Our Range of Cruise Port Cars and Features

Your driver will also be there to help you with all of your luggage so that you and any accompanying passengers can just climb on in and relax. You will find newspapers and refreshments on board for you to help yourself to. If you are travelling a fair distance from or to the port and you are travelling with children then you may want a larger limousine that comes equipped with a television and DVD player to keep the younger ones entertained during the journey. Please ask about these cars as they may provide you with more room and added comfort. You will find our prices to be very reasonable.

Cruise Port Limo Services We Offer

If you are travelling to the port you will of course know what time you are due to depart. If you can provide us with this information we can ensure that you will arrive on time. Our limousine service is extremely efficient and we do not take risks with punctuality. We will collect you on time and take the shortest route to the port so that you do not have to worry about being late for your departure. We will take the toll roads to avoid traffic and of course will handle any fees associated with tolls. All of our cars are fitted with GPS navigation equipment so your car will take the fastest route but can also take a detour in the event that any given road is closed. You will find, though, that all of our drivers have extensive knowledge of the local area.

If you have booked us to collect you from the port and you are here for only a short stay then feel free to ask about hiring a town car. Your driver will be able to give you some additional information or you can contact us to find out more. Many of our clients choose to use our town car service whilst staying in the area to avoid using different taxis and being driven by different drivers. This offers some people a sense of increased security and reliability, which we are of course happy to provide. We can offer this service at a fantastic rate so please ask about this service.

If you would like any additional information about our cars, our drivers, or our services then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.
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